SAAME, Trust Trading, is an international trade consulting and intermediation office based in Brazil. It is opened by a former diplomat who has accumulated four decades of experience in his duties before starting this new profession after his retirement.

With his multi-year experience and his network of relationships, particularly in Brazil but also in Africa, North America and Asia, the Manager of SAAME is able to offer you a wide range of Brazilian or Latin American products but also Algerian, African and Middle Eastern or Asian, of good quality and at very competitive conditions.

He can also, thanks to his relationships network, help you to sell your products in many Latin American, African or Middle Eastern markets, if they meet the rigorous criteria of quality and competitiveness.

As such, SAAME specializes in:

  • International trade,
  • The import / export of all agro-food products in particular Icumsa 45 refined sugar, Hallal bovine and / or ovine frozen or chilled meat, poultry, fresh and frozen fish, powdered milk, fresh or dried fruit, oils vegetables, corn, soybeans, wheat, frozen vegetables and fruits, Brazilian marble …,
  • Intermediation with shipping companies,
  • Logistics for land transport inside Brazil,
  • Intermediation in sectors involving transactions in precious and semi-precious stones, gold, petroleum products and their derivatives, and live animals including cattle and sheep.